Coming on the heels of the drag strip at Irwindale Speedway closing due to financial reasons, a Superior Court judge has ordered the shut down of the Fontana Drag Strip due to sound and environmental reasons.

Immediately after the court ruling, Fontana Drag Strip (or the Auto Club Dragway as it’s formally known as), posted the following on their website:

A Superior Court has suspended operation of the Auto Club Dragway. The suspension results from a successful challenge of a San Bernardino County sound standard by a group of concerned residents. San Bernardino County officials had approved an amendment to the County Sound Standard in 2010 to accommodate louder sound arising from races at the Dragway. The Superior Court found that the underlying Environmental Impact Report which the County relied on to approve the sound standard amendment was not sufficient.

We are currently reviewing the court ruling and evaluating our options moving forward. We hope to have more detailed information about our future operations at the Dragway soon.

As such, the Street Legal Drags set to take place on March 3, 2012, is cancelled, as are all further events slated for the drag strip pending further notice.

It’s a sad day when our communities, anxious to attract families to their fair graces, allow the building of new homes that encroach long time landmarks such as Fontana, and then allows those very families to force these businesses to shut down and cease operations due to sound or hours of operation. Southern California has seen many of its drag strips, small airports and shooting ranges become the lost and forsaken to courts and city councils once a new housing development gets ok’d within ear shot of these types of businesses, which were intentionally built so far away from our communities that no one cared about them. It’s a shame that no one cares about them now as well.

Hopefully, this is only a temporary shutdown and Fontana will be back up and running their 1/4 mile drag racing soon.

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    • Thomas Mayer says:

      First Los Angeles County Race way and now yours. Same thing with Pomona except for twice a year. Don’t see them stopping those two big races. Because they generate huge revenue for the city. Don’t kid yourselves, its all about money. Or someone getting re-elected. Your not a big operation that floods the city with cash, so your not important to the people who helped make this happen. What they don’t realize is what they are taking away by shutting you down. You just give us and our kids a safe haven. A place where family memories are made and stories that will be share with generations to come. Not worth anything to to some. Priceless to many others. Wonder if they thought about the other things that shutting the drag strip down will affect? Do you think they though of the innocent bystanders who will die due to an illegal street race because there is no place to race but the street? I’d hate to think they would rather have people out endangering their own lives as well as the innocent people watching or will be victims of circumstance. The death toll rises every time a sanctioned race track is shutdown, and it is because of the lack of understanding of the necessity to have a controlled safe atmosphere where there are rules.

      I have to lost a drag strip where I learned how to do it right. You may have heard of the oldest continuously operating drag strip in the US. Inyokern Drag Strip was the name of ours. When they shut it down, a big part of all of us who worked hard to make it what it once was, was lost. All we have now is memories of having raced there and stories from members (some of who are no longer with us) who started it up many years ago.

      Fight! I tell you both young and old alike. Do all you can to preserve this part of your own history. Do it for yourselves and your future family. Make sure your grandchildren and their grandchildren have a place to make memories.

      Sorry to hear it folks. Please feel free to e-mail me if you feel that there is anything that I can do to support your fight to keep this drag strip open.

      Thomas J. Mayer
      former Dust Devil and fellow racer

  2. mike pierce says:

    If this is shutdown it should be made a law that the owners are paid accordingly by the developers, residents & city that are involved in this action. Real property value as well as payment for lost revenues caused by the shut down of the track.

  3. jimm kilmer says:

    I am sitting here realizing that another of OUR FREEDOMS of THE PEOPLE has been taken away . I am 75 years old and do remember many GREAT vacations to California to participate in drag racing and car shows .,now we have to listen to a group of people that have attained a plateau over the common people and can dictate how we live

  4. Jason "Vez" says:

    The Superior Court Judge who overturned the decision for the Fontana Drag Strip to now be closed probably just caused a certainty of DEATHS!!! I support the Drag Strip as much as i can, taking my 6yr old son to see PSCA bracket racing. Showing my son what kind of Old American Steel Classics among other types of cars, trucks & dragsters i used to be around when i was his age. It was a wonderful thing gone wrong when they shut the track down.
    With IRWINDALE permantly closed and now the iffy with Fontana Drag Strip ask yourself…”Where are the people going to go now that love to “STREET LEGAL DRAG RACE?????” City of Ontario specifically by the Ontario Mills and secret other deeper places hosted Illegal street racing every weekend and kids/adults injured or killed because of it! So now what? Everyone is againt illegal street racing, so then we have places that host street legal drags and now you close them too? Smart decision you ignorant political tree hugging fools!!!!!!
    You can take away the legal asphalt to race and be safe, but you will never take the desire of a man or woman wanting to go heads up racing against someone else being curious to have bragging rights of their hand built MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!
    Southern California known for the best HOT RODS, CLASSICS, CUSTOMS CARS, TRUCKS AND MOTORCYCLES!!! Customizing vehicles and Motorsports Passion will NEVER DIE, Americans having no where safe to race only produces people TO DIE!!!!!

  5. What do you want people to go back to racing on the streets???

    This is a terrible decision on this judges part.


    • jackie says:

      Its retarded, cops say don’t street race and here you have a court closing down a drag strip because of noise… WTF is going on here……

      Kalifornia is not CAR or GUN FRIENDLY.

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  8. Dan Cargill says:

    I am a resident of Arizona, moved from So. Cal. because of all the liberal, state, county and city officials that appoint EPA officials for the state and local government…these non elected people have so much control and answer to no one. WE drag racers are upset for losing the drag strip but who should we blame…ourselves … we elected them. Take note people take more time and look at your canidates before voting. It’s really our own fault. Also, send letters to you state officials… you can go on line to find out your senators, assemblymen, etc.. If every person would tell just 10 people to complain you would have thousand of voices. Maybe we can get it back. If not move to AZ, we will welcome you. We can run all night :)

  9. twine says:

    This is BS. We should cruise around the neighborhoods and do some burnouts. It’s at the track or in front of your house. You chose …

  10. Steve Holliday says:

    Hard up small minded ass live in fontana not bel air should be happy drags to come to toxis steel

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