As we reported back in the end of February this year, a San Bernardino Superior Court Judge ordered the Fontana Drag Strip closed pending a new Environmental Impact Report being prepared and that report passing muster with the court.

The drag strip has been in litigation for years with nearby homeowners who complained of the noise from not only the drag strip but a nearby railroad as well. Back in February, plaintiffs filed a motion to have the Environmental Impact Report thrown out because parts of the track had been moved since the creation of the report and, thus, no longer the best representation of the impact upon homeowners. The Judge agreed and ordered Fontana to cease operations until a new Environmental Impact Report could be prepared.

During the shutdown with the drag strip presumably preparing a new report, the two sides agreed to settle their dispute which caused the drag strip to make this formal announcement:

The Auto Club Speedway has reached a settlement with a local group of concerned citizens in the San Bernardino County area known as CCoMPRESS, represented by Chatten-Brown & Carstens related to the operation of the Auto Club Dragway. As a result, the Auto Club Speedway may resume operations at the Auto Club Dragway if it first complies with a series of requirements intended to mitigate the environmental impacts to the surrounding community, including construction of a soundwall.

Good news for us race fans. :)

It would appear as though, as soon as a soundwall can be constructed and noise levels tested, drag racers will be back in business. We suspect that drag racing will resume sometime after the new year.

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