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West Coast Challengers has discovered a fatal flaw in the 5.7L Dodge Challenger timing chain assembly. As detailed in our article about the timing chain failures, we have discovered that the Dodge Challenger R/T equipped with the 5.7L Hemi engine when mated to the automatic transmission, and then placed under certain sustained conditions, causes such […]

Move over Bumble Bee, Chrysler released information this morning which I think took a lot of people by surprise — a new limited edition Dodge Challenger SRT8 model named “Yellow Jacket” which will feature an exclusive “Stinger Yellow” paint job and interior accents. Read more …

Ending an era of manufacturing what we all fear seeing in our rear view mirrors, the last Crown Victoria rolled off of the assembly line in today and ceased production. While the Crown Vic, as it has been nicknamed, hasn’t been available to the public for a while now, Ford’s fleet sales division continued producing the rear wheel drive sedan for police departments and taxi services. That has now all come to an end. Read more..