B&G Chrysler Specialists, Inc. has opened its phone lines to begin taking orders for its new service — tuning for the 2011-2012 Dodge Challengers. This is great news for these newer Dodge Challenger owners who have been rebuked by Chrysler’s decision to lock up the vehicle’s programming in recent years.

Beginning with the 2011 model year, Chrysler locked up the programming using a different software configuration together with an added line of security, a rolling security code. Ralph Gilles, President of the new SRT division of Chrysler, was quoted as saying that the decision to lock up the programming was due to warranty issues, i.e., that Chrysler wanted to cut back on the number of warranty claims it was receiving. Very few owners believe that excuse has any legitimacy to it and some suspect that Chrysler is attempting to monopolize the programming in anticipation of its own supercharged version of the Dodge Challenger.

This new tact of locking up the programming left many performance minded owners, as well as the aftermarket industry, out in the cold. In fact, Hurst Performance Vehicles specifically cited Chrysler’s failure to share it programming codes with it and the aftermarket community as the reason why it closed its doors.

Now, finally, after almost two years, there is a tuning option available — and it’s wearing the B&G brand on it.

Unlike the DiabloSport devices such as the Predator, where the end user could move from screen to screen and change just about anything they wanted in the vehicles programming, the B&G tune is a canned tune and will only be flashed on an ECU that has been sent into their shop. Translation, sorry folks, what you see in the sales pitch is exactly what you get with no ups, downs or extras. No do-it-yourself options available.

This first to market tune is a performance optimized version of the stock tune with many performance limitations removed or lessened. It’s a mild tune to say the least but dyno tests have shown that horsepower is increased over the stock tune, plus you should pick up about 1-2 extra miles per gallon out on the highway if you are not lead footing it all of the time from the new found excitement. Here are some of its tuning features:

  • Top speed limiter is increased to 200 mph.
  • Throttle response is now instant (get away from that drive by wire delayed response).
  • On the 6-speed manual transmissions, skip shift is disabled.
  • The redline is increased to 6600 RPMs.
  • Torque management is turned off, permanently.
  • MDS is turned off, permanently.
  • Fans now set to come on at lower temperatures.
  • No slow to reach temperature CEL when using a 180 degree thermostat
  • No Check Engine Light (CEL) after installing high flow catalytic converters
  • … and more.

Pricing for the 2011-12 Dodge Challenger 6.4L or 5.7L is $895.00 plus $45.00 for shipping and handling ($940.00 out the door). What does that buy you? Well, this:

  • Includes a new PCM (keep stock one as spare)
  • Includes the core charge ($150.00, discount if you are sending in a core)
  • Include preparation for flash for VIN, throttle learning, etc., required for the B&G tune.
  • Includes B&G tune

The Eagle has finally landed. Now it’s time to see what B&G and these 2011-12 Dodge Challengers can do at the track once they cast away the leg irons placed on them by Chrysler.

* It goes without saying, that this is intended for off road use only.

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  1. J. King says:

    Will this void my warranty? 2012 5.7 six speed challenger. I got the lifetime warranty. Chrysler employee at jeep plant. Thank you.